The calculators algorithm makes some assumptions for ease of use but has had been rigorously back-tested for accuracy with a nominal margin of error.

We encourage you to bring an up to date valuation to your complimentary review for the most accurate results.

The right alternative solution for you depends on your circumstances, goals and tax situation. The alternate solutions we recommend DO NOT have withdrawal penalties, contractual commitments or commissions.

We typically use platform based brokerages(Such as IBKR, Saxo or Morningstar) utilizing a passive approach with evidence or index based ETFS

There are some rare cases where a switch may not be recommended, and typically this when you are already very close to your Regular Savings Plans maturity date.

This is a very common misconception, you are able to exit these types of plans, You can, and whilst there is a exit penalty, our calculator takes this in to account when showing you how much you could save.

Yes, not only is this included, it also takes in to account any new onboarding fees or administration costs.

There isn’t one; The stated figure can seem very high but most people don’t truly appreciate the detrimental impact of high fees over a long period of time.

You could, but if the calculators shows a saving, it would never make financial sense to do this The earlier you switch the more you save.

If you don’t feel ready to switch but still feel like you would benefit from further advice, please book a meeting with Dan or Josh

In the unlikely event that your calculation is not accurate this will usually be due to your circumstances not being covered in the calculator assumptions.

For the most accurate assessment, download your latest valuation and book a meeting with Dan or Josh