Worried about your Regular Savings Plan?

A typical* Regular Savings Plan customer will lose over $4572 per year in fees and charges!

Calculate how much you could save by switching your Regular Saving Plan to a lower cost alternative with no contract or withdrawal fees.

You will receive a personalised Saved report and the option of a 30 minute complimentary explainer meeting (online or face to face) with a member of the team, all of whom are UK qualified and members of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

If you decide to switch, we can take care of everything and most customers appoint us to manage this process on their behalf.

Switching is easier than you think, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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2000 2011.5 2022
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Why Saved?



Helping you understand your current plan, what you are paying, and how you can stop paying excessive charges.

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We don’t get any commissions or kickbacks from any provider, fund or insurer.

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No jargon, no sales pitch, just straight forward information.

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How it works


Use the calculator

Enter a couple of details about your Regular Savings Plan and based on these we will calculate how much you could save by switching.


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You will receive your personalised report that explains how your plan works, your current plan charging structure, your contract, and an estimated comparison between staying or switching.


Book a meeting

If you have more questions or simply want to switch straight away, schedule your complimentary meeting with Josh or Dan.

Our Mission

We created the Saved calculator and free report as a resource and tool so that anyone, in their own time, separate from an advisor, could calculate what they were paying in charges and whether they could benefit from a lower cost flexible alternative. Whilst we would love for you to use us for the switch and your future financial advice, our aim is to empower you to make better financial decisions for your future


Dan & Josh

Co-Founders, Saved

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